Fake Cars fail
to portray the facts

Tourists are duped into thinking that the cars on permanent display are connected with Dr. King. Incorrect - these are here purely for the camera-wielding visitors who assume there is a connection. The actual car used by Dr. King during his last days of his life in Memphis was offered to the museum by Cornelia Crenshaw and can still be found in a dilapidated condition less than a mile from the museum, yet there seems no commitment to its restoration, as the museum seem content to perpetuate the myth.

Cornelia Crenshaw Car.jpg

Was the Museum built without union labor?

Many people believe that the National Civil Rights Museum is built on dubious foundations. It has been alleged from several sources, that the construction of the site itself was built using non-union labor. If this is true, it really would be a national disgrace as Dr. King's sole purpose in visiting the Lorraine Motel was to lend support to the Sanitation Workers Union in Memphis during their strike. Can it be that so little has been learned?

Lorraine Motel.jpg
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Burned out bus - Is it really necessary?

Great expense was incurred by the taxpayers to purchase a bus and then set fire to it, so as to re-create the atmosphere of the Freedom Riders bus, which was burned and attacked outside Anniston, Alabama in 1961. Is this really an educational aid or purely a financial aid to increase disappointing attendance figures. Either way, one must ask oneself whether it is fair and just, to divert precious financial resources from the poor, needy and displaced, purely for the entertainment of visitors to the museum.