Jacqueline Smith
snubs President Carter

Photograph kindly donated by Barkley Whitney

Photograph kindly donated by Barkley Whitney

How many people have refused to shake hands with
an ex-President of the United States?

Well, that's exactly what Jacqueline Smith did.

President Carter first visited the Protest Site in December 1991 at the insistence of his Daughter Amy, who was studying at Memphis College of Art. President Carter spent time with Jacqueline to understand the aspirations of the Protest, he said he would not visit the museum.

However two and a half years later, President Carter collected a Freedom Award, along with an alleged payment of $25,000. Sadly he broke his promise and accepted his awards at the museum.

After his visit, he then crossed the road to shake hands and talk, however Jacqueline Smith told him that she could not shake his hand on principle and that she was ashamed of him. President Carter left soon afterwards, having explained to Jacqueline that he still respected her opinions.