Jacqueline Smith Sobbing.jpg

Month after month

She resisted the moves to have her ejected. She spurned financial and career inducements from the authorities, whilst her quality of life rapidly deteriorated. Utilities were cut off and food had to be brought in by supporters and well wishers. Eventually, on January 14th 1988 she was given notice to quit.

After the notice period, sheriff deputies forcibly threw out Jacqueline onto the street. Local neighbors supported her cause and brought food and clothing.

Ms Cornelia Crenshaw, a stalwart civil rights campaigner from the 1950's, supported her up to her death in 1994. Ms. Crenshaw recognized in Jacqueline, some of the qualities she saw in Dr. King when she rallied his support for the Sanitation workers in Memphis in 1968.

She too joined Jacqueline and campaigned tirelessly for fair treatment for the underprivileged for the rest of her days